It’s really simple.

MCX is known to have a personal touch with its members and it is therefore strongly advised that you visit our studio to have your photos taken. This way we have top quality professional images to present to our clients.



How much does it cost?
R200* is charged for a professional studio photo session, administration & presentation.

What you need to wear:

Arrive “camera ready”

* all clothing to be in neutral/plain colours

** NO logo’s/branding/bold patterns/flowers/polkadots

*** NO WHITE clothing.

1. Smart/business/office type outfit

2. Casual outfit – “jeans+tshirt” type wear, neat & clean

3. If you participate in any special sport /dance/hobby eg. basketball/ballet/skateboarding, bring  your uniform/gear.

4. If you have any traditional wear eg. African/Chinese bring it along.

Example of Neutral Coloured Business wear
Example of Neutral Coloured Business wear
Example of Neutral Coloured Casual wear
Example of Neutral Coloured Casual wear

Hair & Make up:

Remember that the photos we take of you are the photos we present to our clients, the Directors.

If you look untidy & sloppy we will struggle to find you work.

If you struggle to smile in front of a camera, practice in front of the mirror. I’m serious. =)

Ladies please wear your hair loose & ensure it’s washed & clean.

Do make-up at home. Natural & basic. Nothing over the top please.

Men if you usually shave, then arrive shaved.

Everyone, ensure your hands & nails are clean. We will be taking pictures of them too.

What to expect:

Once you have requested a registration form by email, fill out all details & gather the mandatory documents. Then, call the studio to make an appointment for your photo session. On the day of your appointment, the studio manager will take your measurements, answer any questions you might have and then take your photos. Easy!

Update your photos every 6-12 months, especially after a hairstyle or colour change.
**for annual updates ( every 12 months) we charge a R200 profile update fee automatically deducted from your next job.

*2016 price increase


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