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It is really simple...

The world has gone digital and so have we. You don’t need the latest iPhone, but more than a Nokia 3310.

Follow these simple steps to complete the online registration. 

We need 5 pictures of you with the following specifications

  1. Head & shoulders – smile 🙂
  2. Full length -smile 🙂
  3. Mid way – serious ( don’t smile) 🙁
  4. Side ( profile) – serious 🙁
  5. Hands 🙂

Get someone to take the picture

  • Camera orientation: Make sure your camera is on portrait layout ( not horizontal)
  • Background: Find a clean, white/grey background.
  • Clothing: Wear neutral/plain colours with no signs, patterns or logos.
  • Attire: Smart/business/ office attire e.g. blazer or shirts
  • Hair:   Ladies – please wear your hair loose & ensure it’s washed & clean/ keep as natural as possible.
  • Face: Ladies – Neutral and basic makeup.
                  Men – If you usually shave, take your picture shaved.

1. Head & shoulders - smile

2. Mid way – don’t smile

3. Full length - smile

4. Side Profile - don’t smile

5. Hands

6. Traditional

Do you have any traditional wear e.g. African/Chinese?
Take a photo in your traditional wear.

7. Sport

Hobbies and interests:

Do you have any sports or hobbies you’re interested in or good at?

e.g. dance/hobby e.g. 

Take a photo in your sport or hobby uniform and/or with your sports/hobby props.


How much does it cost?  R150 processing fee is charged

Helpful Tips: Remember, what you put in is what we can sell, this is what the client gets and that is you selling yourself. Make sure you’re tidy, smart and show your best. (If you struggle to smile in front of a camera, practice in front of the mirror and stretch those lips.)

Next steps: Once you have submitted your registration form and submitted the relevant documents, we’ll contact you.

Keep your profile updated so clients know what to expect: Update your photos every 6-12 months, especially after a hairstyle or colour change.

For annual updates (every 12 months) we charge a R150 profile update fee automatically deducted from your next job

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